Friday, August 19, 2022

Born Trump


Born Trump: Inside America's First Family 

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Who is Donald J. Trump? To truly understand America’s 45th president, argues Vanity Fair journalist Emily Jane Fox, you must know his children, whose own stories provide the key to unlocking what makes him tick. Born Trump is Fox’s dishy, deeply reported, and richly detailed look at Trump’s five children (and equally powerful son-in-law, Jared Kushner), exploring their lives, their roles in the campaign and administration, and their dramatic and often fraught relationships with their father and with one another.

Thursday, August 18, 2022



Fractured Hope

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One fateful morning in 2015, Rachel had no idea that her life would be forever changed. She would soon find herself at the center of a criminal investigation. False allegations were made about her character. She was threatened with the possibility of jail and, ultimately, the loss of both her sons to the Foster Care system due to allegations of child abuse.

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Wednesday, August 17, 2022



Founded in 1994, National Fatherhood Initiative® is the nation's leading provider of research on father presence and father involvement, research and evidence-based fatherhood programs and resources, staff training, and father-engagement planning services for human service organizations and practitioners.

{ Our Mission }

National Fatherhood Initiative® works to increase father involvement by equipping communities and human service organizations with the father-engagement training, programs, and resources they need to be father-inclusive.

{ Our Vision }

Our vision is that all communities and human service organizations are proactively father-inclusive so that every child has an involved, responsible, and committed father in their lives.

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Saturday, August 13, 2022

Time and Money

Life is about choices. Life is about what path you choose to take in life. Each path has a different result. What choices do you make regarding time and money? Do you have regrets about how you handled either one? Do you need a mentor to help you with your time and money? Are you living paycheck to paycheck? It is not always easy to make the right decisions. It is not always easy unless you have a mentor to answer to regarding your decisions. Tony Dungy who led the COLTS to a Superbowl says that everyone needs to have a mentor in their life. I have been around this world for 75 years and I full agree with Tony. If I had a mentor in my life when I was younger life would have been much different and in some ways it would have been much better.

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It is said "Money Makes the World Go Around". As such many are looking to tell everyone where to make money. Many of these sites that offer a way to make money are scams. Many sites offer a way to make money if you pay them something for that privilege. My advice is to be very careful. 

Recently my 21 year old son was scammed out of several thousand dollars. I do not know what he got involved in by someone emptied out his checking account. The bank would not and probably could not help him. My advice is if someone has emptied out your account or taken more than they were suppose to take then I would recommend that you notify your local police department and file a report. If the person was outside of your state you might be able to also file a report with the FBI. Unfortunately many times the person or company will be outside the United States and you can just say goodby to the money.

I have one item that will protect you from having your savings account or checking account drained. There is an company online that will make debit cards for you. With that debit card you can limit the amount that someone can take from your account. Sometimes a person will do a subscription to a website or app. It will have a limit as to how many days or months that the subscription is free. Sometimes we forget about the subscription or we may not know how to cancel it and end up getting charged for something we do not want.

War and Peace

From the beginning of time, we have suffered from War and Peace, mostly war. We have war in our cities, in our states, and between countries. In the news, we have war in the Middle East, Northern Europe, and in several countries in Asia. As time has gone forward we have moved from simple knives and clubs to weapons of mass destruction and all sorts of weapons in between. Will all parts of the world ever have full peace? Why do countries go to war with each other? I will let you think about that question. If you can answer it please leave a comment. Organizations have been formed and treaties have been put into place but have any of them worked? Usually, a third party is a negotiator in a peace treaty. We have seen this in Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. More often than not one of the parties of peace negotiation is not really happy with the results and sometime in the future, there is another war between nations. Often the United States becomes involved but over the years the U.S. will take sides to try and affect what we believe should be the direction of a nation in the name of democracy. Where does the United States rank on the list of countries that have a democracy? The United States does not have a pure democracy The U.S. has fallen to a 7 on a scale of 10. 

  • Norway leads the Index as the world’s strongest democracy, followed by Iceland and Sweden. New Zealand comes fourth, with Denmark in fifth and Canada and Ireland in joint sixth place. Switzerland, Finland, and Australia round off the top ten of “full democracies.”
  • The 10 most democratic nations in the world (2020):

    1. Norway (9.87)
    2. Iceland (9.58)
    3. Sweden (9.39)
    4. New Zealand (9.26)
    5. Finland (9.25)
    6. Ireland (9.24)
    7. Canada (9.22)
    8. Denmark (9.22)
    9. Australia (9.09)
    10. Switzerland (9.03)

Friday, August 12, 2022



What work do you do today that will be remembered in history? Did you know that what you teach your children can affect world history tomorrow?

Thursday, August 11, 2022

Favorite Season of the year

 What is your favorite season of the year? Is it spring, summer, fall, or winter? Each season seems to offer something different and something different in each location around the world depending on the weather conditions and maybe even how mankind affects the environment in a specific location.

Personally, I would have to say that spring is my favorite season. Spring is my absolute favorite season where I can see new life coming forth with the fields on the hillside coming along with their grass and beautiful flowers in a rainbow of colors. There too is new life in the small animals entering the world in their innocence and playfulness. It just makes me smile from ear to ear knowing that springtime gives hope for the future.

In our time of turmoil in many areas of our cities, states, and countries when we look at our future hope is the key word. Without hope there is nothing. With hope comes faith. For some faith in God for others, it is in the faith of what someone else will do for us or allow us to do for them. Then with hope and faith comes love. Some say money makes the world go around. I say it is love. With love, anything wonderful can happen in our lives. I came across an illustration of this the other day. Our world would be very different if everyone practiced the Golden Rule of doing onto others as you would have them do onto you.

This poster came from Scarboromissions in Canada. To see each golden rule from each source please click on the poster above.

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Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Healthy Food

How healthy is your eating? I am 75 years old and I must admit that during all those years I seldom ate healthy food. It is time to return to the way people ate in the early 1900s. How did they eat. They did not eat food that they could not pronounce. There are exceptions that may include names of food that are in a foreign language (not English).  No cheating you can not eat unhealthy foods where you learn to pronounce their name. We want to get back to healthy eating of real food.

  1. Do not eat it if you can not pronounce it. Look at the nutrition label for the ingredient list. If there is something in the ingredients you can not pronounce put it back on the shelf. This would include anything anyone born before 1900 would not recognize as being food.
  2. When you look at the ingredients on the label ask yourself if you can buy all of the ingredients somewhere else in the grocery store. If you can not the food you are purchasing is processed food. It most likely is not real food.
  3. Do not eat a food where you can not pronounce the name of the ingredient on the label. There are a few exceptions. If there is only one or two ingredients  go to your smart phone and in your browser type in What is (name of food). If the definition you get is something you recognize it is most likely real food. Recently I found something with a name I did not know. I looked it up and it turned out to be chick peas

To get a lot more information here is a web site that has a lot to offer in the way of eating healthy. The have 3 list or tiers where they list the foods we should eat. Tier one is all the healthy foods.  To save money the foods on tier one should be purchase in season and I find it best in addition to going to the produce section of your store to check out the local farmers markets and you pick opportunities. Tier two is all the foods we can eat but they are not as healthy and one should eat those foods with caution. Now we get to tier three. This is what most of us have been eating. These are also the most expensive foods to purchase Per my personal physician these are foods that can lead to poor health and increased medical cost.. These are foods that also tend to be more expensive.

Visit  90/10 Nutrition and learn one wonderful idea for healthy eating. Also I believe this will greatly lower the amount you spend on food each month.

Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Protect your Credit/Debit Card Account

 Is your debit card or credit card at risk on the internet? The answer is maybe or maybe yes. Did you know that there is a site that will protect the accounts that are attached to your credit and debit cards. Would you like to limit the amount that a merchant can charge you or would you like to limit a merchant to using your card just one time? Do you want to protect  yourself from trials that you may subscribe to online? I use Privacy. I can limit a purchase to one time or I can limit the amount a merchant can charge me for a purchase. Try it out today and see if you like it. The service is free of charge and you will get $5.00 just to try it.


Wealth Building Secrets from the Bible: The Believer's Journey to a Faithful, Generous, and Financially Free Life 

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Are you stuck in the vicious cycle of paying bills, drowning in debt, and not being able to get ahead?

As a believer, have you been wondering how to build wealth?

Are you searching for God’s way to achieve financial independence?

As a pastor for both small and large churches, Jonathan Geraci has discovered that many believers' struggles come down to how they relate to money. In this audiobook, you will discover a Biblical holistic view on wealth that may surprise you. You will learn how modern financial advisors and the ancient words of scripture agree.

These simple and engaging strategies will teach you Biblical habits for building wealth.

In this audiobook you will discover:

  • How to apply the fruits of the Spirit into your financial life
  • The emotional and spiritual consequences of debt and how to escape!
  • Five money myths that many Christians fall into
  • Four secrets from the Bible for building wealth
  • How to practice "outrageous" generosity

You can turn around your financial life by learning financial habits that are found in scripture. What’s stopping you from applying the Bible to every aspect of your life - including your finances?


Monday, August 8, 2022

 I saw this posted on face book and thought I would share it with you my visitors. Please share this story with your friends. It can make a difference in this world where many forget to love their family members at times and fail to love others as you would like to be loved.

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A son took his father to a restaurant to enjoy a delicious dinner. His father was already quite old, and therefore a little weak. While I was eating, a little bit of food fell on my shirt and pants from time to time. The other diners watched the old man with their faces distorted with sorrow, but his son remained completely calm.
Once they both finished eating, the son, without showing himself even remotely embarrassed, helped his father with absolute peace and took him to the health care. She wiped the food scraps off her wrinkled face, and tried to wash the food stains off her clothes; lovingly combed her gray hair, and finally fixed his glasses.
As I left the bathroom, there was a deep silence in the restaurant. No one could understand how someone could ridicule themselves like that. The son agreed to pay the bill, but before he left, a man, also an old man, got up from the diners, and asked the old man's son, "Don't you think you left something here"
The young man replied, "No, I didn't leave anything." So the stranger said to him:"Yes you left something! You left here a lesson for every child, and a hope for every parent! "The whole restaurant was so quiet, you could hear a pin fall."
One of the greatest honors that exists, is being able to care for those elderly who once cared for us. Our parents, and all those elderly people who sacrificed their lives, with all their time, money and effort for us, deserve our utmost respect.