Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Protect your Credit/Debit Card Account

 Is your debit card or credit card at risk on the internet? The answer is maybe or maybe yes. Did you know that there is a site that will protect the accounts that are attached to your credit and debit cards. Would you like to limit the amount that a merchant can charge you or would you like to limit a merchant to using your card just one time? Do you want to protect  yourself from trials that you may subscribe to online? I use Privacy. I can limit a purchase to one time or I can limit the amount a merchant can charge me for a purchase. Try it out today and see if you like it. The service is free of charge and you will get $5.00 just to try it.


Wealth Building Secrets from the Bible: The Believer's Journey to a Faithful, Generous, and Financially Free Life 

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Are you stuck in the vicious cycle of paying bills, drowning in debt, and not being able to get ahead?

As a believer, have you been wondering how to build wealth?

Are you searching for God’s way to achieve financial independence?

As a pastor for both small and large churches, Jonathan Geraci has discovered that many believers' struggles come down to how they relate to money. In this audiobook, you will discover a Biblical holistic view on wealth that may surprise you. You will learn how modern financial advisors and the ancient words of scripture agree.

These simple and engaging strategies will teach you Biblical habits for building wealth.

In this audiobook you will discover:

  • How to apply the fruits of the Spirit into your financial life
  • The emotional and spiritual consequences of debt and how to escape!
  • Five money myths that many Christians fall into
  • Four secrets from the Bible for building wealth
  • How to practice "outrageous" generosity

You can turn around your financial life by learning financial habits that are found in scripture. What’s stopping you from applying the Bible to every aspect of your life - including your finances?