Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Healthy Food

How healthy is your eating? I am 75 years old and I must admit that during all those years I seldom ate healthy food. It is time to return to the way people ate in the early 1900s. How did they eat. They did not eat food that they could not pronounce. There are exceptions that may include names of food that are in a foreign language (not English).  No cheating you can not eat unhealthy foods where you learn to pronounce their name. We want to get back to healthy eating of real food.

  1. Do not eat it if you can not pronounce it. Look at the nutrition label for the ingredient list. If there is something in the ingredients you can not pronounce put it back on the shelf. This would include anything anyone born before 1900 would not recognize as being food.
  2. When you look at the ingredients on the label ask yourself if you can buy all of the ingredients somewhere else in the grocery store. If you can not the food you are purchasing is processed food. It most likely is not real food.
  3. Do not eat a food where you can not pronounce the name of the ingredient on the label. There are a few exceptions. If there is only one or two ingredients  go to your smart phone and in your browser type in What is (name of food). If the definition you get is something you recognize it is most likely real food. Recently I found something with a name I did not know. I looked it up and it turned out to be chick peas

To get a lot more information here is a web site that has a lot to offer in the way of eating healthy. The have 3 list or tiers where they list the foods we should eat. Tier one is all the healthy foods.  To save money the foods on tier one should be purchase in season and I find it best in addition to going to the produce section of your store to check out the local farmers markets and you pick opportunities. Tier two is all the foods we can eat but they are not as healthy and one should eat those foods with caution. Now we get to tier three. This is what most of us have been eating. These are also the most expensive foods to purchase Per my personal physician these are foods that can lead to poor health and increased medical cost.. These are foods that also tend to be more expensive.

Visit  90/10 Nutrition and learn one wonderful idea for healthy eating. Also I believe this will greatly lower the amount you spend on food each month.

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