Monday, August 8, 2022

 I saw this posted on face book and thought I would share it with you my visitors. Please share this story with your friends. It can make a difference in this world where many forget to love their family members at times and fail to love others as you would like to be loved.

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A son took his father to a restaurant to enjoy a delicious dinner. His father was already quite old, and therefore a little weak. While I was eating, a little bit of food fell on my shirt and pants from time to time. The other diners watched the old man with their faces distorted with sorrow, but his son remained completely calm.
Once they both finished eating, the son, without showing himself even remotely embarrassed, helped his father with absolute peace and took him to the health care. She wiped the food scraps off her wrinkled face, and tried to wash the food stains off her clothes; lovingly combed her gray hair, and finally fixed his glasses.
As I left the bathroom, there was a deep silence in the restaurant. No one could understand how someone could ridicule themselves like that. The son agreed to pay the bill, but before he left, a man, also an old man, got up from the diners, and asked the old man's son, "Don't you think you left something here"
The young man replied, "No, I didn't leave anything." So the stranger said to him:"Yes you left something! You left here a lesson for every child, and a hope for every parent! "The whole restaurant was so quiet, you could hear a pin fall."
One of the greatest honors that exists, is being able to care for those elderly who once cared for us. Our parents, and all those elderly people who sacrificed their lives, with all their time, money and effort for us, deserve our utmost respect.