Saturday, August 13, 2022

It is said "Money Makes the World Go Around". As such many are looking to tell everyone where to make money. Many of these sites that offer a way to make money are scams. Many sites offer a way to make money if you pay them something for that privilege. My advice is to be very careful. 

Recently my 21 year old son was scammed out of several thousand dollars. I do not know what he got involved in by someone emptied out his checking account. The bank would not and probably could not help him. My advice is if someone has emptied out your account or taken more than they were suppose to take then I would recommend that you notify your local police department and file a report. If the person was outside of your state you might be able to also file a report with the FBI. Unfortunately many times the person or company will be outside the United States and you can just say goodby to the money.

I have one item that will protect you from having your savings account or checking account drained. There is an company online that will make debit cards for you. With that debit card you can limit the amount that someone can take from your account. Sometimes a person will do a subscription to a website or app. It will have a limit as to how many days or months that the subscription is free. Sometimes we forget about the subscription or we may not know how to cancel it and end up getting charged for something we do not want.

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